3 things to Consider for Closet Upgrades

Thinking about a Closet Upgrade?

Many people have closets that are unfit for their lifestyle, too small for their growing families, or just plain disorganized. Like a black hole of sorts, closets can be the forgotten spaces in our homes. With just closing a door they are often neglected, hoarding cherished memories, random junk collected over the years, or even expired food. Similar to redoing the look of your living room or bedroom, a closet upgrade can be necessary to transform your home into your ideal living space. With a beautiful and practical layout and efficient space-saving techniques, Closet Trends lets you take advantage of every area in your home. Have you ever wondered about how to make your closets not only useful spaces in your home, but aesthetically pleasing as well? If you have, Closet Trends of Tucson has the skills and experience to turn your closet spaces into the ones you have always dreamed of enjoying. Here are some features to keep in mind when planning (or dreaming of) your perfect closet space:


For people who are shoe enthusiasts, this is perfect for you. By adding shelves, your closet will allow for much more space to not only fit all your boots, heels, and sneakers, but also to organize them. Shoes especially are sometimes made with delicate and special materials that can sometimes require special care and maintenance. As valuable staples in our wardrobe, some must be specially cared for and monitored. What better way to care for your shoes than to keep them safe and organized with their own place? If the idea of organizing shoes doesn’t help you take a step in the right direction, shelves can be used to aid in better visibility throughout an entire space. Custom closet shelving doubles as a great space saving tool and a place to keep smaller, hard to find items or more valuable pieces within reach. As to not hoard an excess of stuff, you want to be sure you are utilizing everything. In doing so, you need to be able to see everything you have at a glance. Closet shelving is the perfect tool to help with visibility as well as organization.


An island is a great and aesthetically pleasing addition to any large closet. When considering an island, think about your lifestyle. Make sure that your space can fit the size of even a smaller island. Fortunately, they can be made in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Islands aren’t only reserved for your kitchens as they have a great functional purpose as a closet organizer. Islands help in bringing items used daily such as undergarments and pajamas to center stage. They even allow for smaller, accessory pieces like jewelry, belts, and scarves to take residence in the center of your closet for easier accessibility. An island also can help tie the closet into the rest of the house as a living part of your home. Often, our closets become areas of forgotten clutter and spaces that are never seen unless something is needed. At Closet Trends, we turn your frumpy, unseen spaces into places you can visit with pride.

Double Hanging Spaces

Double hanging spaces will make a significant difference in maximizing the space and function of your closet. By having double hanging spaces, you can organize your belongings in ways that make your life easier and more practical. Customize the number of hanging rods you’d like according to your lifestyle and amount of clothes, shoes, and accessory items. Custom hanging rods can make for a much more pleasant and organized appearance. Many average closets have only one single hanging rod through the entire space. Single hanging rods are perfect for longer or more formal items like suits and dresses. However, not all of our clothes are longer items. By having spaces in your closet with two or more rods on top of one another, it will allow for more space and a wider variety of organizational options.

What can Closet Trends of Tucson do for you?

“Ordinary” is not a term used to describe the work and service we provide. Our experienced professionals have the ability to make your vision into reality, no matter the size of your room. Closet Trends of Tucson tailors the perfect designs to match each client’s wants and needs. These spaces will not only look great, but will also provide more practical functions for organization and storage. Now is a perfect time for a fresh start to your home. Your home is a place that is meant to serve you. Isn’t it time that every corner of it does its job and more importantly, does it well? Visit us at Closet Trends where we organize your home beautifully.

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